Never know who you will run into at the Capital!

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Summary of The Last Few Weeks of the Idaho Legislative Session…

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Just a quick summary of the amazing amount of work we’ve tackled in the last few weeks…

Teacher-Pay Bill
Education was top priority for the Legislature this year. HB 296 provides significant increases in teacher pay over the next five years. Governor Otter signed the $125.5 million bill into law. Also called the”Career Ladder” bill, this legislation is designed to give all teachers an annual raise beginning with a $33.5 million boost in state funding starting this year.
Sponsored in the Senate by Senator Mortimer, this bill establishes a funding model for teacher pay based on a new compensation system for both residency and professional development compensation. Many Senators voiced support for this legislation in that it provides an accountability system for raises, requiring teachers to meet certain performance requirements. In addition, teachers would be eligible for payments for additional educational degrees. Although there was debate on whether the state could afford this legislation, many agreed that investing in Idaho’s education professionals benefits Idaho’s students and economy in the long-run.
Idaho Civics Test
Passed by the Senate and House, SB 1071 is the”Idaho Civics Test” bill that requires Idaho students pass a test on 100 basic facts of United States history and civics in order to graduate. Civics is at the heart of understanding what it means to be an American citizen. From understanding how our government works to knowing who we are as a nation, this Idaho Civics Test will help every Idaho student be ready for active and engaged citizenship.
The test will be based on the United States Citizenship Civics Test for U.S. citizenship and will be available for students to test any time after enrolling in grade seven. Students may repeat the test as many times as necessary to pass it. The bill heads to the Governor’s desk.
Professional-Technical Education
Passed by the Senate and House and signed by the Governor, SB 1086 amends 33-2205 of the Idaho Code. Sponsored by Senator Thayn, this legislation improves the availability of online professional-technical education through the cooperation of several Idaho educational institutions. The bill also promotes the uniformity and transferability of these online core courses at Idaho public colleges and universities.
Passed by the House and Senate and delivered to the Governor’s desk, HB 301 reorganizes Idaho’s concealed-carry laws. The purpose of this legislation is to re-codify existing law and provide Idaho residents and law enforcement officials clear guidance on the fundamental rights of Idaho citizens regarding the carrying of concealed weapons.
(continued in the next post…)

2015 TOP SHOOTER award goes to…

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Six target knock down for time

1 Hagedorn 6.21
2 Miller 9.66
3 Scott 10.49
4 Rice 11.08
5 Kerby 12.24
6 Palmer 12.71
7 Holtzclaw 17.04
8 Kaufman 22.93
9 Horman 26.60
10 Jordan 26.91
11 Dixon 37.62

Thanks for showing up to our Day at the Range. We enjoyed spending time with you and hope you enjoyed a different “lobbying” event! Thanks for your work at the Capitol and for the sacrifices you make to ensure Idaho is a great place to live.
Paul Jagosh
Idaho Fraternal Order of Police

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Wishing all a happy and blessed Easter, hope you were able to spend it with family and friends!:

This is a great opportunity to meet some hero’s and hear 1st hand what happened…

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I had the great pleasure of having lunch with “Oz” the last time he was in town, take some time to meet these guys!

It’s been a long week at the Capital, so nice to step out and face 70’!

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Between transportation funding, Naturopathic licensing and Sex Offender registry meetings, I did manage some evening time with the FOP at the range. Brought back the Top Shot trophy to the Senate as well! Trigger time is good downtime for me…

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