The Local Voter Guide Dist 14 Senate Candidate questions, A Side By Side Comparison…

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It’s all about perspective…

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Some of my friends went to college, I went off to serve. When they woke up to decide if they’d go to school or work, I’d already been at work for hours. Their alarms woke them up, my alarms sent me to General quarters and Watches. They made plans based on how they felt, I made plans based on the needs of my country. They couldn’t wait to leave their homes, I couldn’t wait to get back. When we look back on our respective lives, they may wonder if they’ve ever made a difference. I’ve never had that problem.
U.S. Navy 1974 – 1994

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As I Sit Listening in the Faith Healing Taskforce…

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I can’t seem to shake the belief that there is a tie between Faith healing and a woman’s right to chose#IDLEG

Elections Matter…

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Sadly we have 2 Presidential candidates with multiple flaws. SCOTUS appointments far outlast the President who appoints them. This next 30 days are going to just get uglier and uglier. Please vote for the candidate of the party you believe will appoint Justices who will uphold our Constitution… don’t get sidetracked by the “show” over the next 30 days, this election is bigger than that.

And so it begins…

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Seems I just did this a couple years ago!

I’m proud..

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to support a man like Mike Pence as the “heartbeat away” backstop for our Party’s nominee for POTUS.

Got a surprise in this month’s American Hunter magazine…

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Proud to be a life member (as is my Son and Dad) of the NRA and appreciate the strong working relationship with them here in Idaho! +

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