This is a great opportunity to meet some hero’s and hear 1st hand what happened…

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I had the great pleasure of having lunch with “Oz” the last time he was in town, take some time to meet these guys!

It’s been a long week at the Capital, so nice to step out and face 70’!

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Between transportation funding, Naturopathic licensing and Sex Offender registry meetings, I did manage some evening time with the FOP at the range. Brought back the Top Shot trophy to the Senate as well! Trigger time is good downtime for me…

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( Video)

Cavuto: Selma was about legal Americans denied their rights | Common Sense | Your World with Cavuto | Fox News

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Cavity nails it!….…ights

Great BSU Leadership team, Pres Bob Kustra and Bronco Football Coach Bryan Harkin

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Always smiling & laughing with my good friend Speaker Bruce Newcom.

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How sad… People have rightfully lost a lot of credibility over this

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