Thank You…

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A historic 90%+ voter turnout in District 14 and winning every precinct, thank you for your confidence and trust in me to represent you for another 2 years.

Less than 1% of our Population have handed classified information…

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It’s not surprising that the other 99% don’t understand the true value of the protections afforded to things deemed “Classified”. Our nation’s security system has a process that is longstanding and designed to protect lives and the taxpayers HUGE investments in their development and/or people that do very risky things in the name of ultimately protecting US sovereignty and keeping it’s citizens safe. When information has/is mishandled, laws and regulations dictate that those previously entrusted immediately lose all ability to handle such documents and responsibilities to have access and knowledge of classified information is taken away. Many that have found themselves in that situation also have been fined and sentenced to jail, the seriousness of this can not be understated. We have one set of laws and each agency has regulations on how every person allowed access is to be treated and the rules they must follow. Deviating at all from those standards for even one person, creates a situation where others with the same access could think they would be allowed to do the same without risk to themselves or their access. Our nation would be at grave risk should those entrusted to protect these secrets start acting like someone who’s acted outside those laws and regulations who hasn’t been held to account like others would have been. Creating a precedent of two different allowances for the same laws is a risk we cannot, and should not, tolerate. These classified programs are too expensive for taxpayers to be thrown away once comprised and the lives of those they protect too important and expensive to replace.

My Early Vote For Donald Trump…

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I have been asked if I will vote for Donald Trump a few times and refer folks to the ID Statesman voters guide I filled out over a month ago. I already voted for him, here’s why you should as well: (Quote from the voter guide- Marv Hagedorn: I do support Donald Trump. Idaho is a conservative state, in my opinion, we would have given our 4 Electoral votes to any conservative on the ballot as we will Donald Trump. I would have preferred a conservative candidate where states like Ohio, Florida, North Carolina and other swing states could have more easily supported because their Electoral votes are needed to put a conservative in the Whitehouse. For many reasons, we can’t afford another Democrat leading the Executive branch. From the appointments of likely 3 new Supreme Court Justices, to our floundering economy and our growing $19.5T debt I believe we must have conservative leadership to help lay the pathways to economic recovery and a return to our Constitutional values. I will be voting for Mr. Trump and I encourage all conservatives to do the same.

The Local Voter Guide Dist 14 Senate Candidate questions, A Side By Side Comparison…

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It’s all about perspective…

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Some of my friends went to college, I went off to serve. When they woke up to decide if they’d go to school or work, I’d already been at work for hours. Their alarms woke them up, my alarms sent me to General quarters and Watches. They made plans based on how they felt, I made plans based on the needs of my country. They couldn’t wait to leave their homes, I couldn’t wait to get back. When we look back on our respective lives, they may wonder if they’ve ever made a difference. I’ve never had that problem.
U.S. Navy 1974 – 1994

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As I Sit Listening in the Faith Healing Taskforce…

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I can’t seem to shake the belief that there is a tie between Faith healing and a woman’s right to chose#IDLEG

Elections Matter…

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Sadly we have 2 Presidential candidates with multiple flaws. SCOTUS appointments far outlast the President who appoints them. This next 30 days are going to just get uglier and uglier. Please vote for the candidate of the party you believe will appoint Justices who will uphold our Constitution… don’t get sidetracked by the “show” over the next 30 days, this election is bigger than that.

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