Great trip to the St Joe…

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Fly fishing on the Joe at the Governor’s Cup… Yup, it’s a muscle!

Fly Fishing on the St. Joe…

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After catching a second muscle, I had to ask our guide what the shellfish limits were! I am not a fly fisherman, but any day fishing is a good day!

Great News!

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Learned last night that our Son John will be coming home from Afghanistan 2 weeks earlier than expected!!!

Congrats to the Idaho GOP!

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Our new Exec. Director, David Johnston, has been hired by Chairman Yates! To jog the memory of my legislative friends, David and his wife Sharri were Pages for us in the in the 2007 House session. David went on to the Marine Corps after his graduation for 4 years, serving a tour in Afghanistan, and then returned to Idaho to quickly finish his BS at BSU. He also was my Senate Aide during the 2013 and ’14 sessions (all while going full time to school) and someone I could not give enough work to. He is a man of integrity, drive and intelligence, we are fortunate to have him onboard. Congrats to David and his family… now, let’s go to work and elect Idaho Republicans!

I want one!!!

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Idaho ties in tragedy in Mosul…

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Thanks to Ron Bowers for contacting me on behalf of a common friend in Iraq. Through all of our contacts it appears a new story has come to light and we hope help is on the way… It should not have come to this.…hp_t1

In a briefing with the exec Medical Dir of St Luke’s about women’s heart health…. Surprised at how hearth health is so different from men.

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